Meet Tricia

 Tricia (me)

I'm a homemaker who loves couponing, crafts, and photography. I'm part of Pin Ups for Soldiers a non-profit organization that collects items for carepackages through the sale of WWII style Pin Up calendars. I also dabble in photography you can see some of my work at Dragronfly Photography. Two years ago I started my "frugal lifestyle" and there is no turning back for me. I have become addicted to couponing and being frugal. It is so neat to be able to save money for the future all the while making it into something fun. I now donate part of my coupon items to the Savannah Baptist Center.


My husband is the "breadwinner" for our family. He was in the Army National Guard for six years and was deployed to Afghanistan the first year of our marriage. He is the oldest of eight children and was home-schooled. Drew is now a Police Officer on a special unit. He is a very talented artist and has designed several tattoos and has some beautiful drawings. His hobbies are guns, drawing, motorcycles, and working on cars. You can follow his youtube videos here.

Selah Mae

Selah Mae started crawling at 6 months and walking by 8. She is my little free spirit and is always full of energy. 

The Family

Established in 2009 our little family gained a member in 2011. We have become the "not average" family based on today's standards. We are learning to live frugally by the help of Dave Ramsey and his Total Money Makeover. We work together so that I can stay at home and soon home-school my daughter and future kids.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at or leave a comment with your email and any questions you have.  


  1. Your blog is so inspiring but I don't know where to start? Any tips on how to start Couponing or setting up a grocery budget? I have a family of 4! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Thank you so much! It's hard to write it all in a paragraph lol. The best thing is to make a grocery list and stick to it. I have about 15 "go to" recipes. So when I go to the store I allot myself $15 for meat. I buy whatever meat is on sale or markdown and plan my meals from it. If I use something up when cooking I replace it immediately. That way I don't have to worry about not having it when it's time to cook. Always remember to stick to the list. Otherwise you are buying items you don't need.

    Feel free to email me and I can explain more :)