Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Disney Movie Club

For the past 3 years, since my daughter was born, I have been contemplating joining the Disney Movie Rewards Club. I figured there had to be a catch. Why would Disney want to give movies away? So my mom, being the awesome mom and grandma that she is, signed my daughter up for the club. I just want to say that thus far, it is AWESOME!

You have the option of buying up to 7 movies the first time with FREE shipping. The first movie you pay $11.95 the second $8.95 and the rest just $0.20. Plus by using the code 30058 or 30161 we got a FREE Olaf blanket. (The blanket is thin, but perfect to keep in the car) You also get 100 Disney points per DVD, plus some of the DVDs are the 2 movie set. Like Mulan/Mulan 2. I was able to order a FREE Tinkerbell movie through the Disney Rewards Club with my points I received from these movies. The catch is, you have to buy at least 5 movies at regular price within 2 years. Shipping is only $3.95 for one movie and $1.95 for each additional movie. Note- this is not counting the first 7 movies you get to buy with FREE shipping!  Right after we got our first shipment of goodies in we got an email saying we can pre-order the new Tinkerbell DVD/Blueray/Digital Copy and it will count towards the regular price movie we need to buy. We pre-ordered it and Maleficent. Talk about cheap Christmas presents for my Disney loving daughter (and myself)   

Just click here to start your Disney Movie Collection. Don't forget to look up promo codes for FREE items! I think they are doing a FREE frozen lunchbox when you sign up now!

This is the receipt from the order

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