Meet Ebony

October 6 1987 - September 28 2013

Ebony was my coupon mentor. She had an amazing stock pile and this awesome ability to be able to get so much stuff for free especially from CVS. I called her the Drug Store Queen and envied her on her abilities. 

Ebony was a very blunt and honest person which is the reason so many loved her. She had this unforgettable laugh and amazing personality. She helped me through some difficult times and turned me into the couponer I am today. 

I met Ebony when I was in the first grade and every year we had a class together if not all of our classes. My mom reminded me that one year I think we were in the third grade, that it was the week from hell for Ebony. It seemed as if everyday I would accidentally spill something on her or knock her paper off her desk by mistake. Even though we knew each other growing up it wasn't until we were grown when we because closer. I enjoyed being able to talk to her and know that she will tell me straight up her opinion and not sugar coat anything. I am so glad that Ebony was there for me and helped turn me into the frugal person I am today.

Ebony left behind her mother, father and sister and also her boyfriend Jeremy, his two sons and her kitty cat Mr. Kitty. 

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