Friday, February 15, 2013

FREE Wet N Wild Nail Polish

Wet n Wild has a coupon out for $1 off any product. I ordered 40 coupons from Ebay for under $5. I was so excited to see that CVS was having a sale. All of their Wet N Wild products are buy 1 get 1 50% off! The nail polish I bought was $0.99. They also had a few other items for only $0.99 but nothing I cared for. I bought 40 nail polishes and didn't have to use all my coupons! After that I went to Walgreens and bought 12 more polishes and got those FREE also! All I had to pay was tax. So after buying the coupons and paying tax I spent under $8 for 52 polishes! 

My coupons I ordered!

Here I have the polishes lined up by colors. I wish they would have had green and orange!

Another view of my polishes all together

After I took these photos I noticed that my daughter had gotten a hold of three of them and was hiding them from me. There are 49 in the photos but I bought 52! I don't intend on keeping them all for myself. I am keeping one of each color. The rest I am putting in gift bags and such. If Selah and her friends were older, they would be either put in goody bags at her party or they would have made awesome Valentines! I still might order more coupons :) 

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