Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This weeks Freebies

Last week I didn't have enough Freebies come in the mail to make a blog so I just added them to this weeks Freebies. 

This Barilla pasta came in the mail along with a $1 off coupon

Aerie by American Eagle was running a special and you could get a free panty if you sent a text to the number. The panty also had free shipping. They ended up being $0.01 each, but I just used my gift card I had to cover that. I was able to get 4 pair of panties for $0.04

One Tide Pod that I got from Home Depot 

An Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Gadget 
Free to Sams Members
It didn't come with a can of spray though

Some of the magazines we get Free

This was my favorite sample of the week. 
I didn't sign up for it, but it came anyways.
Free trial of Depends Diapers for Men and coupon haha

Onion Crunch Sample 

This is a cute bracelet and coupon from
U by Kotex

I also got all those 52 Wet N Wild Nail Polishes for FREE, but they didn't come in the mail so I didn't post them in this blog entry. 

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