Monday, February 25, 2013

This Weeks Grocery Trip and Free Items

So I've been sick this past week and haven't really posted until recently. I went grocery shopping Monday for a few things. I had intended on going back later in the week for more, but then I got sick. This post will have the items I got free in the mail this week and my grocery trip.

Mail Call!!

This is a for the cabinet that stops the slamming. I signed up for a Free childproof lock but got this, either way it was free so can't complain. 

I filled out a survey and got this Golf hat. My dad plays golf so I'm giving it to him.

For being a Sams Club member I was able to get this off their site for free.

This also came from Sams Club

Now to my terrible grocery trip. It wasn't terrible, but if I knew I was going to be getting sick I would have went ahead and bought some fruits and veggies. Target was having a sale that if you bought two of the large 12 packs of Bounty Paper Towels, you would also get a $5 gift card. The paper towels were on sale for $13 they are regular $19. So for $26 I got 24 rolls and a $5 gift card. Normally I buy one roll at a time for $2. Buying one a week like I have been I would have spent $48 on 24 rolls. 

At Kroger I got my Free Pepsi. I also got one free Beechnut yogurt from their Ecoupon but, I had two coupons for B1G1 free so I was able to get 3 free in all. Selah was eating one as I took the picture. My Coke was also free. I used the coupon I won in the mycokerewards instant win game. The Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal was on sale for $1.99. I had three coupons for $1.25/1 so they were only $0.75 each. The Boston Butt was on sale for $6. Yes, $6!! It wasn't on my grocery list, but it was too good of a deal to turn down. I wish I would have had more freezer room. Everything else was just the regular stuff no great prices. The Kroger trip was under $30

I was also able to get 3 boxes of Pop Tarts for $3 (not pictured) Publix is having a sale where Pop Tarts are 3/$5. I printed off a $1/3 Target Coupon and a 1/$3 Manf. Coupon. I went to Publix to get my free Sunlight Dish Detergent, but they are still out. I talked to the manager and he said that they can't keep it in stock and that corporate isn't sending as much as they are ordering. Hopefully I will be able to use all my coupons before they expire. I ordered 20 $1 off Sunlight Dish Detergent. They don't expire till the end of March so here's hoping! 

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