Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Weeks Grocery Trips

I love a good Kroger deal and the fact that they double coupons up to $0.50. Certain cereals are on sale for $1.99. On they have coupons for $0.50/1 which double to $1/1 and they also have coupons for $0.75/1 and $1/1. The Pillsbury are on sale 10/$10. I was also able to print off coupons for I think $0.50/2 which doubled to $1/2 making them $0.50 a can. My gum was free from a promotion Kroger had. I just downloaded the E-coupon to my card. The butter was on sale for I think $0.88. The stir fry was on sale half price for around $3 and I had a $1 coupon. The Riteguard deodorant is on markdown for $1.79 and I had a coupon $2/2 making them $0.79 each! The sausage was also on sale for $0.88. My hamburger buns were on mark down for $0.49 and my bread was on sale for $0.88. I can't remember how much the Vanilla Wafers were on sale for, but it was around $1. The cashier didn't hand me my receipt and so I just assumed it was put in the grocery bag. Got home to find that I did not have a receipt. My total was $20 and some change. I'm in the process of printing more coupons and going back today for more cereal and deodorant ;)

5) Tostino Pizzas which were on sale 10/$10 plus I had a $1/5 coupon
2) Duncan Hines Cake Mixes $1.25 each then I had two coupons for $0.50/1 which doubled to $1/1
1) Cheerios 1.99 plus my coupon for $0..50/1 which doubled
1) Medley Crunch Cheerio (same scenario as above) 
2) Instant Oatmeal on sale 2/$3
I had a coupon for buy two Campbell's Great for Cooking Soups get a free Swanson Broth
My cupcakes were on sale for $1.94 
My Welches Sparking Grape was on sale for $1.50
 After checking my receipt I just realized that my coffee rang up regular price and not $7 and that the lady didn't put the right price in on my coupon for the free broth. Instead, she put it in as the price of the Spaghetti rings which were only $0.57. So basically she screwed me on $1 with that coupon. I didn't post every price because it wasn't on sale/I didn't use a coupon. I spent less than $50 on all this. Not great, but not bad. I wish they had more deodorant, but they were out of the Riteguard that had been marked down. 

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