Friday, April 12, 2013

Wet N Wild Deal

I had a pretty great trip to Walgreens today. Sunday I ordered 60 Wet N Wild coupons. The coupons are for $1 off any Wet and Wild items and were $3.99 plus free shipping for 20 coupons. I used the money I had made from Ibotta and Endorse to pay for my coupons. Last time I got a butt load of fingernail polish with the coupons. This time I decided I would mix it up. Walgreens has their Wet N Wild BOGO 1/2 off. If I would have stuck with only buying the $0.99 items, everything would have been free. However, I figured I would give their make up a shot. I gave a few coupons away and was in a hurry and miscounted, but I only spent $14.83 and saved $78.50! If I would have put the 8 items back that I didn't have coupons for I would have only spent around $6! At the last minute I saw the lipsticks were only $0.99 and forgot to put back some nail polishes. Either way, it was a pretty great deal. The only problem I ran into was at checkout, we had to fold each coupon. They have two bar-codes on them which are side by side and the register kept scanning both at once. I simply helped the cashier fold a crease between the two bar-codes so they would scan easier.

I'm always going to have the one rude person who will comment how this is a waste of time and money and why on earth would I want that much. Yes, I have had my share of negative Nancy's on here. So let me go ahead and answer this. I am a nail polish junky. I own over 200 bottles of nail polish and I paint my nails and my daughters nails constantly. From these, I will keep one of every color for myself and the rest are going to goody bags/gifts for others. I have already shared my polishes from my last trip with a few of my friends. I personally don't use the pencil eye liner, but these will be great in goody bags for my sister in laws. So no, I am not keeping all this. The majority of this is going to my gift closet. I'm sure I will also have more friends come over that want some. If I can ever get the lady at the Women's Shelter to contact me back, I will be donating to there also.

Not all of the nail polishes were free. Only the Wild Shine ones were free. All of the lip sticks were free, all the eye liners except for the ones that twist up, sharpener, and applicator were free. Everything else was more than $0.99 each.The great thing about this sale, is that I was paid $0.50 for every two of the $0.99 items I bought. Since the sale is BOGO 1/2 off. I then used that extra money to help pay for the items that cost more. 

Liquid Foundation $4.99
Bronzer $1.99 (Regular $3.99)
Make Up Remover $0.99 (Regular $1.99)
Eye Shadow Trio some I paid $2.99 some $1.49
Wild Shine Polish $0.99 some $0.49
Fast Dry and Other Polish $1.99 and some $0.99
Eye Liners $0.99 some $0.49
Brush Kit $1.99
Twist Eye Liner $1.99
Lip Sticks $0.99 some $0.49

I was pretty impressed with how long the receipt was so I decided to take a picture with it. Drew is at work so I had to use the self timer on my camera. Very spur of the moment, but check out how long that baby is! Also, you can see I was playing with my new eye shadows and foundation. Ignore all the bruises, I have a very active little girl who likes to jump on me :)  

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