Friday, April 19, 2013

What Dollar Tree Has to Offer

Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. My husband swears I am the only person who can go into Dollar Tree and spend $30. I just love all the little odds and ends they have to offer. What's even better? They now accept coupons! I did a quick run through of the large Dollar Tree in Augusta and took pictures of some items I know I have seen coupons for. Hope you enjoy!

These Reynolds Wrappers are my favorite. I hate washing cookie sheets, so I just use these on top of the sheet and throw them away when finished! 


Soft Lips 

Soft Soap Hand Soap

Soft Soap Body Wash. 
Just recently there was a $0.50/1 Coupon

Hunts Tomato's and Del Monte 

Domino Sugar! 

Hormel Pepperoni
HERE is a link for $1/2

Tons of Colgate Toothpaste 

Palmolive Dish Liquid

The HUGE Bread Isle

Natures Own Bread, Captain John Bread, and Bunny Bread

Bunny Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns, Natures Own Bagels

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Fabuloso, Comet, and Ajax


Hefty Ziplock Storage Bags

Bounty Basic Paper Towels

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