Monday, April 22, 2013

My Awesome Grocery Trip

This week I knew I didn't need much food wise, so I decided I would go to Food Lion first and see what all they had on mark down. I was pretty pleased to find that they had ground beef on markdown I was able to get four and they were all a little over a pound. Yes, I left some for others. . I spent a total of $30.17 at Food Lion.

Food Lion
Mahatma Rice on sale for $0.99 used a $0.50 coupon
Icing on markdown for $1.98 for two
Ground Beef  $2.27 
Ground Beef $1.99
Ground Beef $2.34
Ground Beef $2.30
Chuck Patties $3.74
Carving Board Pulled Pork $4.19 FREE with Coupon I got from a FB giveaway
Cole Slaw $1.12
Chicken Salad $1.66
Bananas $1.33
Dijorno Pizza $5.75
Cheese $2.39
Voila Stir Fry $3.49 used a $1.75 Coupon 
Total = $30.17 Coupons used $10.73
Savings of over $56.30 (not counting how much the meat normally is) 

(20) Clif Mojo Bars $1 each used 20 $0.50 coupons which doubled to $1 paid $0.30 total (tax)

Earlier I told you about the awesome CVS Diaper Deal. I decided to go ahead and take advantage of it. I know that Selah will soon be moving to size 4 diapers, so I went ahead and bought size 4. I also told another mom who was looking at diapers about the mail in rebate! 

1 72 Count Huggies Sung and Dry $19.99
1 27 Count Huggies Little Movers $9.99
1 11 Count Huggies Swim $9.39 Used $1.50 Coupon

(2) Loreal Hair Color $8.99 (FREE with Coupons from FB giveaway)

Total $42.53
I got back a $10 Register Reward which I could have gone ahead and bought another pack of diapers, but I decided to wait and use it next time they have another deal like this. 
I also am able to put in for the $10 Mail in Rebate found HERE.

So Basically this trip only cost $22.53

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