Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to Make Your iPhone Pretty with Cocoppa

Last night I was pretty bored. Drew was at work, Selah was asleep, and I had eaten half of a chocolate cake. Needless to say, I had tons of energy. After reading most of my book The Witches Daughter, I started Pinteresting. Yes, Pinteresting, it's a word! I soon discovered this awesome app which makes your iphone icons pretty. After a few hours of messing around and reading different how-to's and blogs, I came up with this:

This is my new monogrammed screensaver. 

My new icons. :) I'm in love.

The process can get confusing, but once you've done one it gets very simple. Just remember, these are not real applications, they are just "shortcuts" to your real apps. If you delete the real apps, these will be void. They aren't perfect and take a second to load, but if you can spare 1 second for it to load you will be fine. 

I will post my step by steps with a few shortcuts along with a link to a different blog with someone else's instructions in case mine are just too complicated. 

Step 1: Download the cocoppa app. It will look like this: 

Step 2: Decide which icon you want to replace. I chose the facebook icon for this tutorial. I found this one under popular icons. You can go to the very bottom and type in the search "facebook" or just browse about.

Click "set up link" then the picture below will show up. Click on "app search"

This is what your screen should look like. This is where you search for the apps. Luckily for us facebook is at the top. Click on "facebook"

Now your page will look similar to this. You have the option to add "gloss" I chose not to. You can also change what name you want to name this icon. I stuck with "facebook" Now click "ok"

It will ask for a confirmation to go to safari and add the icon to your homescreen. Click "yes"
Now you will see this screen. Do as it says. 

Now click your icon "add to home screen" 

You have another opportunity to rename your icon. This is what shows up under the icon. Click "add" 

Now you are finished!! 

They are not all that easy. Some apps simply haven't been loaded to cocoppa yet so you can't find them under the apps. Some of the apps you have to put in a URL. I will show you how.

When you go to make ones for your calendar and all, you can't find them in apps, so you "make a url" below are the codes for the URL

When you get to this step, click "URL"

Now you will enter the URL. We are doing the calendar for this one. Type in "calshow://" then press done.

Now you name what it is. Since we are doing "calendar" I named it accordingly. (yes I know the old icon from facebook is up. Just imagine it says calendar.)  Press "ok" 

Now you are back to what I have posted in the previous tutorial. Below are some codes that I was able to use. Try them out and see if you like them. If you find more codes let me know!  

app store ~ itms-apps: OR
itunes ~
camera ~ you'd need to download a non-native camera app
photos ~ redirect-photos:
videos ~ videos:
Calendar ~ calshow://
App Store ~ itms-apps:
Google ~

I've learned that for texting so far I can't find a code that works. It has where you can assign one person, but I don't want that. Same with the phone. 

If you want more instructions go here to style fake


  1. Thank you! This was extremely helpful. But, where did you get the monogrammed screensaver? I need one, it's so so cute!!

  2. Thank you, Melizda.
    I made it myself. I will try to post a tutorial on how to make them.

  3. Please post a tutorial on how you made the monogram screensaver!! I'm soo in love!

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