Sunday, April 28, 2013

52 Week Money Challenge

I'm pretty good at putting money into savings, however my husband is pretty good at spending the extra money. The 52 Week Money Challenge will be a great way for me to save money, but without my husband seeing it in the bank account. I'm also guilty of seeing extra money and thinking we have more than we really do. I pinned this a while back, but forgot to start on it at the new year. 

The Money Challenge is pretty simple. Every week you put money into a jar to save. You start off small and build up. I think I will change this up a bit though. It shows the larger amounts in December. For us that is our tightest month. We have my birthday, Christmas, and having to go back home. Definitely hard to not only buy everyone gifts, but to also save. So that being said, you can switch the numbers. It starts out with you saving one dollar the first week, two dollars the second week, and so on.  When you do the math it comes down to $100 a month or $26.50 a week. You can always save $1 the first week and $52 the second, $2 the third and $51 the fourth. If one week you have more money, then you could pick a week with a higher number and mark it off. There are so many ways to do this!  

I also know that we don't have an extra $100 to save every month. We put all of our extra money into making an extra house payment and into a "car fund".  Either way, saving anything is better than saving nothing at all. My goal is to start saving whatever I can per week. I will also start a spread sheet and write down what I save weekly. I think I will save it without touching it until Selah turns 4 and use it to take her on a birthday trip. Why 4? Well, she will be older and able to enjoy things more. Plus, it will probably be the amount of time I need to save the $1,378. 

**Found this spreadsheet on Pinterest, I think I see a few errors** 

I'm also working on making myself a "pretty" jar for the money to go in. Pictures to come later. 

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