Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Awesome Food Lion Trip.

I never expected to have such a great Food Lion trip. We have been in North Ga at the in-laws for the past 9 days, so when I went in I was only going to get bread, milk, and a few necessities. While shopping I kept getting behind this lady in an electric wheel chair. After about the sixth time of being in the same place as her, I told her jokingly that I wasn't trying to follow her around. We started talking and I learned that she has a brain tumor. She also told me in the midst of our conversation that the Yoplait Yogurts were ringing up $0.10 each. I gave her a few coupons then went to check out. What did you know, I was able to get 30 yogurts for $3! Then the register printed out a $2 Yoplait Catalina!! Well, I swirled my buggy around and went back for more FREE yogurt! I then purchased 20 more and only paid around $0.36 for tax! I also got another $2 Catalina which I gave to the lady who told me about the awesome deal. Also, if you have the Endorse App you get back 10% for Yogurt. I just submitted it and will find out tomorrow how much I get back. It's awesome to get paid to buy stuff!! My total for below came to exactly $34!

I almost forgot, the manager came and showed me how to find all of the hidden deals and weekly deals so I can get all of my savings! I think I may go back next week and try to get an interview and do a write up on it. I always have trouble finding Food Lion blogs. I figured it was because they didn't really have any good deals. Boy was I wrong! Today was a great trip. I met a wonderful lady who shared with me her experience and also introduced me to the store manager. It goes to show that it isn't always great to shop in a bubble. Normally I go in with my head down and eyes on the goal. This time I went in relaxed and came out very happy!!

(2) Bread $1 each
(2) Hot Dogs $0.99 each
Bananas $0.43
(2) Honey Ham Sandwich Meat $1.17 each
(1) Ground Turnkey Patties $1.95
3.3 Pounds of Ground Beef $5.19
Large Pork Chops $4.65
Whole Bird $4.82
4 piece Fried Chicken $4.62
2% Milk $1.99
(50) Yogurts less than $3
Total $34 It doesn't tell me all of my savings, but I definitely saved more than I spent!! 

All of my meats were on mark down by 50% except for the hot dogs and fried chicken. Since we have been out of town and I didn't have meat thawed out, we had fried chicken for lunch. I paid less than $2 a pound for ground beef! I went ahead and divided everything up and put it into the freezer which is packed. Tomorrow I will go ahead and cook the chicken and use it in casseroles.  

**Don't have time to proof-read yet. Wanted to get this out so everyone could see the deals. Now I'm going to finish unpacking and cleaning**

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