Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nail Polish Rack (How to)

Since I was little I would always insist on getting nail polish every time I went to the dollar store. My mom would sometimes give my brother and me the option of getting a candy bar and a drink on Fridays. I however, would ask if I could get a nail polish instead. To this day I still treat myself to a bottle of polish about once or twice a month. My mom mails my daughter goody packages and she normally throws in a few polishes for me. After moving into my first home with my husband I quickly learned that I needed something to hold my polishes on so I could easily find the colors I want without having to open every baby wipes case. Yes, I store my polish in baby wipes cases. After moving 6 times in 3 years, you quickly learn the best ways of moving nail polish. With that being said, thank goodness for Pinterest. I came across this blog:    with a pattern for a nail polish rack. My husband's grandfather does wood work and was able to make my nail polish rack out of scrap wood. 

Here is a breakdown of the measurements:
This rack measures 3'X2'
We used 3"X1" wood to make the entire shelf.
The spacing between the shelves are 5 inches apart.

Below is a picture of my nail polish rack. We haven't hung it yet, because we are about to paint my bathroom. 

The nail polish rack is deep enough to be able to store the polishes two deep. I would suggest using ribbon to put in front of the polishes in case there is an earth quake or something so that the polishes don't all fall off. I haven't put anything in front of mine yet, but I am thinking of someway to. The blog lady suggests using string. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post, and please if you use the pattern let me know! 

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