Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28/2012 Shopping Trip and Freebies!

So this week my mailbox was pretty empty. I was able to get a free 8X10 print from Walgreens, a Steelers towel, and a free local newspaper.  

Weekly Shopping Trip

I decided to go grocery shopping today instead of waiting till tomorrow. I did pretty well, spending only $49.58! I bought a few things that weren't necessary and some things that weren't groceries. Selah destroyed my receipt so I wasn't able to look at it. Here are the items I can remember and the prices are guesstimates:
Milk $3.48
Creamer $1.98
Bread (2) $1.30
Christmas Tree Cakes $1.50
Tomato Paste (2) $0.30
Zzz Quil  $7.78
Wipes  $1.70
Cheese Puffs $1.98
Sketties (2) $0.78
Pasta  $1.98
Cream of Mushroom Soup (2)  $0.76
Alfredo Sauce
Orange Juice  $1.98
BBQ Sauce  $3 
Sugar  $2.88
Hot Dog Buns $2
Hot Dogs  $0.98
Cereal $3.98
Granola Bars $2
Chili (2) 0.76
Bag of Ghirardelli Chocolates $4.95 (free after coupon)
Turkey $2.98
Chili Mix $0.98

Once again I'm not sure on the prices, but they are around the right price. If you notice I didn't buy meat. I stocked up last week when Food Lion had the meat on clearance.

This week I plan on making:
Chicken Alfredo 
 (made from the whole chicken I cooked, pulled off the bone, then froze)
Deer Chili 
(1pound deer meat, 1 can of tomato paste, 1 can beans, 2 cans of chili, chili mix & whatever else I throw in)
Hamburger Helper 
Stir Fry
 (Chicken Voila $3.48)
Boston Butt with mashed potatoes and a veggie. 
Will have tons of leftovers! I smother it in Lawry's Seasoning Salt and cook on low all day in crock pot

                                        Last week we had: 
                                                  Chicken Nuggets and Mac and Cheese
              Crock Pot Roast (my roast was on sale from Food Lion) greens, corn recipe is below                                                                    -
                                                         Crock Pot Chicken and Stuffing                                                                                                                   -
                                                Thanksgiving my mom took us out to eat. 
One night Drew surprised me with Sushi for dinner. Selah had a Gerber Graduates Meal and fried rice. 
                                                                    Hamburger Helper
                                               Pork Chops, green beans, and mashed potatoes

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