Thursday, November 8, 2012

My 11/8 Shopping Trip

          I was very disappointed this week when I saw what sales were going on, or I should say, lack of sales. The only coupon I could find to go with what I was buying was one $0.40/2 Cinnamon Rolls. Normally I would take this to Kroger since they would double it, but it wouldn't be worth it to go there for just one item. I was pretty good on meat, I just needed boneless skinless chicken breasts, so I only went to Walmart.
         I knew I would be spending a little more because I needed a lot of prep/fridge items (aluminum foil, mustard, sour cream, butter, onion soup mix, Lawry's seasoning salt, zesty Italian mix) I decided to go ahead and buy the large sizes instead of small ones which would have helped me stay on budget. I spent right at $65, tax included. I also was a little bad and bought some junk. They had a pumpkin cheesecake on sale for half price and Drew requested Christmas Tree Cakes. I tried to find a wine to buy, but there were just so many. Any suggestions on a nice sweet wine that isn't real expensive?
        Selah was a pretty good helper today. Once I got past her throwing her shoe off in the middle of us going across the crosswalk with cars waiting to go, we were fine. She only flirted with one man today. I don't  know what it is, but everytime she see's a young 20something man she thinks she has to wave, blow kisses, and talk to. The coca-cola man was her friend today. While looking at butter she starts saying very loudy "hey hey" while waving and smiling. I looked around and saw a nice looking coke man waving back. I swear my daughter is the biggest flirt!  

My Items and Prices:

$1.18 GV Bread
$2.97 Alumiunum Foil
$1.94 Pumpkin Cheesecake
$0.74 X 5= $3.70 for 5 cans of GV Spaghetti and Meatballs
$1.50 Christmas Tree Cakes
$2.97 GV 24 pack of Waters
$2.48 White Rice
$1.00 Stuffing
$1.24 Onion Soup Mix
$1.48 Zesty Italian Mix
$3.64 Duckes Mayo (only the best!)
$0.92 Mustard
$2.68 Sour Cream
$2.78 Tub Butter
$1.78 each 2 GV Cream Cheeses
$2.48 pound of hamburger meat
$6.48 bag of Boneless Chicken Breasts (not my best deal)
$1.78 Lawrys Seasoning Salt
$1.98 each 2 Cinnamon Rolls
$2.38 Ham
$2.88 Sliced Cheese
$3.48 Milk
$1.98 Bounty Paper Towels
$3.50 Cereal
$0.40 off coupon
Total $64.65

I also bought Selah a few stocking stuffers and some non grocery items, so excuse if my math is wrong. I had to take those items out of the total.

Next week, since I won't be needing to buy waters, mustard, mayo, butter, seasoning, cheese, stuffing. I will probably buy some more soups, maybe a frozen lasagna, some frozen hamburgers to grill, and hopefully a boston butt. I will still need bread, milk, paper towels, and I will need to get Selah some more snacks and some fruit. Next week I will also buy the drink mixes Drew likes. If you learn to move stuff around that you don't need every week, when you do need it you just make it where you are only buying one of those items a week. Like with Dishwasher detergent, buy it one week, regular detergent the next, then cleaners the following. Get a dry erase calendar for the fridge and keep up with what weeks you will need certain items. I also keep a magnetic grocery list on my fridge and when I run out of something I write it down immediately.

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