Friday, November 16, 2012

Grocery Trip 11/15

This past week my husband has been out of town doing a gun class for work, so I really didn't cook anything. When I went grocery shopping I decided to put more money towards stocking up my meats and then I decided to buy more coffee, tea, paper towels, and snacks/food for Selah. Anytime you have a stocked kitchen and don't need groceries, is a perfect time to stock up! It took me forever to make Drew understand why I was shopping even though we were gone all week and didn't need to buy groceries. Since we only buy for the week, it makes it almost impossible to "get ahead" and "stock the pantry."
     Walmart had their Campbell's chunky soups on sale for $1.50 rather than $1.90 like normal. Normally I would just buy the walmart brand for $1.70, but not only was the Campbell's cheaper, I also had coupons that I printed off of They also had their "cream of" soups on sale for $1. It isn't that great of a deal, but I really didn't want to go to different grocery stores.
      While watching Extreme Couponers, I saw this lady from Swainsboro, where my husband was in the National Guard at, and so I facebook stalked her and added her, then found her website and added her. Her website is AWESOME! Here is a link:  I am big on supporting America and I am also big on supporting people from Ga, so I will now be following her blog. Side note; I only buy Williamson Brothers BBQ sauce, because the people that make it live in Canton, Ga. :) Unless I can get a different sauce for free, then I will get the free one. But anywho, check out her website and see the deals. It is great because she does her deals based on Ga prices. Sometimes people from other areas have prices that are much different from my area.
    While stocking up on meat I found a Boston Butt on clearance and a chuck roast on clearance. I have gotten the Boston Butt for much cheaper before, but I figured with Drew out of town I wanted to surprise him with his favorite meal when he got home. They also had sausages on sale which had a coupon on them, but sadly, I am out of freezer room so I decided not to get them. I also received a coupon at the register for $2 off my next purchase from Food Lion!

So far in my mail I have only received a coupon for a free large bag of Ghirardelli Chocolate. Not great, but not bad! 

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