Saturday, May 25, 2013

Early Morning Couponing Trip


The Pasta Portions are cheaper at Publix, but one of our Publix doesn't even sell them and the other only had 2 in stock (which I bought). When I went into Kroger for my bologna I saw they were $10/10 making them $0.50 a box with the $1/2 Coupon so I went ahead and got some. My bologna was free with the $0.45/1 coupon since they were on sale for $0.88. 
Total - $9.48
Saved $34.08 (79%)


The Charcoal is a Memorial Day special at Walmart and was $6.98 for two packs. Plus, I used the get a free KC Masterpiece when you buy any Kingsford Charlcoal Coupon! 


20 Wet N Wild Items all BOGO 50% used 20 $1/1 Coupons
(Just noticed one of my eyeliners is Rimmel and rang up $4.59) Needless to say Selah must have added that and it is going to be returned. So, money made from this order after item returned. Another reason to not shop with toddlers! I was wondering why there were 21 items! 

Total $3.42

 Couponing is such hard work! 

Notice her purse that she carries everywhere! (bottom left)

Also, a huge shout out to Ebony for sending me so many awesome coupons! 

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