Saturday, November 9, 2013

11/8 Kroger Breakdown

This week and next week Kroger is having a buy 10 get $5 Kroger Mega Sale. Kroger now limits the coupons to 5 like coupons per transaction and they no longer double. Don't forget that you can mix and match the 10 items

The Playtex tampons are on sale for $1.99 WYB (When You Buy) 10 participating products. There is also a coupon out for $2 making them FREE!!

The Betty Crocker Mac and Cheese is on sale for $0.49 WYB 10. Plus there is a $0.25 coupon.

The Lever Bar Soap is $1.24 for a 2 pack WYB 10 plus a $2 Catalina Prints (The catalina machine was broke at the register I went to so ask first if the machine is working)

You could get Lever Body wash for $2.99 and use the $3.75/2 coupon plus get a $2 cataline towards your next purchase.

Also, Suave lotion is $0.39 WYB ten. It is a great filler item to get with your tampons to get to the 10 item mark if you don't want/need the mac and cheese or anything else.

          I did 4 seperate transactions.
Transaction 1
5 tampons and 5 mac and cheese. Used 5 $2 Tampon Coupons and 5 $0.25 Mac and Cheese Coupons Total $1.92

Transaction 2
5 Tampons, 2 Lever Bar Soaps, 3 Mac and Cheese. Used 5 Tampon Coupons and a $2 Catalina I had. Total $2.92

Transaction 3
5 Tampons, 2 lever bar soaps, and 3 mac and cheese. Only had 5 Tampon Coupons. Total $4.92 (would have been cheaper if my $2 Catalina printed from my previous purchase)

Transaction 4
5 Tampons, 2 Mac and Cheese, and 2 Lindt Chocolates. Used 5 Tampon Coupons and 2 $2 Lindt printable coupons found HERE (made the chocolate free) Total $3.17 Would have been cheaper if my catalina from the previous purchase printed.

When you scan your card in the red machine a $0.79 paper towel coupon prints making the paper towel free. I didn't even have to pay tax!

When I need to order coupons I type in "coupon clippers" in google and go through and compare prices. I like and

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