Saturday, March 2, 2013

Save on Baby

I've had a few request for how I get so much baby stuff for either free or very cheap. I will post some links with codes for free stuff (just pay shipping) and I will also touch base with the best way to buy baby items. 

Publix offers the Publix Baby Club. Once  you join they will send you a book, (for first time mothers) a quarterly newsletter, and coupons! Some of the FREE stuff I got with the coupons are Cocoa Butter, Hand Sanitizer, Rubbing alcohol, and a free cake on your child's first birthday. Some other coupons are B1G1 wipes, B1G1 diapers, B1G1 spoons, $1 off produce, $1 off milk, and many others. The great thing about these coupons are that they are Publix coupons, so you can pair them with Manufacturer coupons! I was able to get 30 cans of baby food for $2 before. Below are some photos of when I first started couponing and used the Publix Baby Club  Deals and other deals. Sign up for it HERE.

Total from above came to $16.80 and I saved over $50. The items include, 2 V8 Splash, 1 Liz Lagne Maternity Shirt, Whale Faucet Cover, Rubbing Alcohol, Shaving Cream, 2 Packs of Razors, 2 Packs of Diapers, 2 Packs of Wipes, 1 Hand Sanitizer, 1 Baby Cereal

This was a picture of my "stockpile" after my third couponing trip. The main thing was 20 packs of FREE Huggies Baby wipes, but for everything pictured less than $40 was spent. 

Total $17.05 saved $25.37
Two Packs of Diapers, Two wipes, 1 Cocoa Butter, 1 Enfamil, 2 Johnson and Johnson

Pay $11.95 S&H - SLING IS FREE - $48 Value
Add initials for only $6.95
Click HERE To Order

Pay $11.95 S&H - COVER IS FREE - $35 Value
Add initials for only $6.95
Click HERE To Order

Pay $11.95 S&H - CANOPY IS FREE - $49.95 Value
You can also use this towards "The Whole Caboodle"
Click HERE To Order
Get your baby's initials for only $6.95


If you register for Similac StrongMoms and they could send you two (2) full size cans of similac infant formula, four $5 off similac coupons, The Art of Feeding - The StrongMoms Guide to Nutrition brochure and other useful information. You will also get quarterly coupons sent to you. I also got a voucher for a free baby bag that was filled with formula, subscription to a Parents magazine, storage for milk to keep it cool and an ice pack. Register HERE. Just know it takes a while to come in so go ahead and sign up for it before the baby arrives. 

Enfamil also offers some neat stuff go HERE to see what all they are offering. 

Do you like the Circus? How about the Ringling Brothers? HERE is a link for a FREE ticket for your baby! 

You can also save while buying diapers! Pamper Gifts to Grow and Huggies Rewards Program let you enter points from their Diapers and Wipes and in return you can buy items with the points collected. I'm not brand loyal, I buy whichever is the cheapest. That being said, I almost have enough points for a free potty seat that goes over the regular seat. 

New moms can also join Amazon Mom. With Amazon Mom you get:
20% off diapers and wipes subscriptions and sometimes they have coupons you can clip and use towards your purchase.
Includes a 5% Subscribe & Save discount plus an additional 15% discount exclusively for Amazon Mom members
Full access to Amazon Prime benefits
FREE Two-Day Shipping

Unlimited instant streaming 
A Kindle book to borrow for free each month from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Next time you need baby food, wait until it is on sale, use a Publix Coupon and find a manufacturers coupon to pair with it. 

Need to buy diapers? You can either take a store coupon like Publix, Babies R Us, or Target to Walmart and they will use the coupon as a "price match" you can also use a manufacturers coupon when you go to pay. Just make sure to give them the "price match" coupon when they go to ring up the item. Babies R Us just had a coupon for $10 off a box of diapers, and there was a $3 off Huggies Coupon to pair with it. That is $13 off of a box of diapers!! Some people don't like trying out diapers, but buying store brand isn't always bad. My daughter was real skinny and couldn't wear the Target Brand diaper, but the Publix Brand was great when she was smaller. They aren't real good for at night now that she is older, but during the day they are fine. Publix sent me coupons for B1G1 on their diapers. 

Wipes. NEVER EVER EVER pay full price for wipes. Coupons are always available. Kroger runs a sale about once a year when they put huggies on the 10/$10 and you can pair that sale with a $0.50 off coupon that doubles to $1 making them FREE! Every year when they do this I order about 20-40 coupons from Ebay. 

Where to find coupons?

Your local Sunday paper will have inserts in them almost every week. When I know I can get items free I buy mine in bulk from Ebay. Southern Savers also has a coupon database where you just type in the name of the item you are looking for and it will show you what coupons are available.,, Target has coupons on their website, Walmart has coupons on their site. Kroger and Foodlion have digital coupons. (Digital coupons do not double and can't be used with a manufacturer coupon)

Right now Target and has a coupon for $5 off a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy Dog. You can use those together and it makes the dog only $5! This is a great item for the "gift closet" I'm going next week to buy two and put them up for the next time I'm invited to a baby shower or either a 1st Birthday. 

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  1. I love your new blog look! I think its precious! And I love what you do. My goal is to start being more frugal. Sigh Lord knows we took the Dave Ramsey class and have not put it to good use yet.. Im hoping to do that now! love your page about your sweet family! You guys are so beautiful! :D