Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trying out Rite Aid Wellness+ and free dish soap!

With the above photo I went to Rite Aid and Target. Rite Aid disappointed  me, but I will get in to that in a minute.

Target has a deal that if you spend $40 on the two pages shown in the ad, that you will get to use a $10 off coupon. Their Charmin 16 pack mega roll is on sale for $15.99 so I bought two. I really wanted to buy the Angel Soft because you get more rolls, but our store was sold out already. I also got the finish 85 count on sale for $12.60. That brought my total to $44.58. I was then able to use the $10 off coupon and two Charmin coupons. If you still have your finish coupon you can use it too, but I didn't have one. I also had a $5 gift card from where I bought Paper Towels a couple weeks back. I can't remember how much, but I was able to spend under $30 on those three items. Just the toilet paper is regularly $19 each. I definitely think this is a good option if you are running low and need to stock up. My glade was free because it was on markdown and I had two $2 coupons.

My Rite Aid trip I was able to get 8 shaving creams. They have some great deals going on where if you buy so much you get back Wellness+. With this deal I got back $10. I was so excited and stayed up late making out separate transactions rolling the gift cards (using them on the next purchase.) First thing I did when I walked in was asked how their Wellness card worked and checked my facts before shopping. Well, after getting everything for my 4 transactions I was informed AFTER I paid for the shaving cream that I can't use the $10 until the next day. . . This frustrated me because not only did I ask that very question when I walked in, I wanted to go ahead and buy diapers today before they were all sold out. Back to my transaction. I only had 3 BOGO Edge coupons so for this trip I paid $15 out of pocket, but I got back a $10 gift card. Tomorrow I will go in and buy 3 diapers and 2 Dawns and get back another $10 gift card. I will go back and use that $10 and buy one pack of diapers. It is frustrating that I will be having to make so many trips. If I still lived across the street from Rite Aid it would be fine, but like the quote says, "ain't nobody got time for that!"

So for everything I spent roughly $45 but got back a $10 gift card, so $35 for everything pictured. Drew didn't think I did well, but he also doesn't understand the fact that I won't have to buy toilet paper for 6 months or more. I won't have to buy dish washer stuff for a year! That is money I am saving in the long run. He really didn't understand the shaving cream. If I would have done the diaper transaction first, then the shaving cream the next day, I would have only paid $5 for the shaving cream. Which we always need and it doesn't go bad. We are set for a year now. So one more thing off my grocery list!

Above is where I went back to Rite Aid and used my $10 Wellness+ that I got from the first transaction. I was able to get three diapers and two Dawn dish soaps for $17.29. I used three $1.50 Pampers Coupons and 1 $0.25 Dawn and 1 $0.50 Dawn. I also got $10 back in Wellness+ which I have to wait until tomorrow to use. When I go grocery shopping later I will use the $10 and pick up another pack of diapers making them FREE. I will never do this again. I have another transaction planned out, but it is too annoying to have to wait a day before you can use the Wellness+. So for around $32 I was able to buy 8 shaving creams, 4 packs of diapers (one not pictured) and 2 Dawns. Not great, but not awful.  

Well, I finally got my FREE Sunlight Dish Soap. Publix had them on sale 10/$10 and I ordered 20 coupons for $1/1. Unfortunately, Publix never had any in stock. After calling everyday, they finally had 10 bottles. Luckily I got a rain check on the sale price. (Your rain check can only be for 10). Then I went to Walmart and found the larger bottles for $0.97. They say Sun on it, but I asked if it was the same thing and the coupon worked. I heard they are changing their name to Sunlight from Sun and that the coupons work on either. Walmart only had 5. I still have 5 or so more coupons! 

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