Friday, July 12, 2013

Best Back to School Deals for Week of 7/14

*Shopping Tip: Call You Local Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples and see will they price match the other office supply stores. So that you only have to waste gas going to one for deals ! I called my local Office Depot and they will price match !

Best Office Max Deals 

#2 Pencils .10 each (Limit 3)
Paper Mate Ink Pens .10 each (Limit 3)
OfficeMax Glue .25 each (Limit 3)
1" & 1.5" Binders .50 each (Limit 5)
Bic Pencil Pens .50 each (Limit 3)
Office Max Filler Paper .50 each (Limit 5)
Notebooks .01 each (with $5 purchase) (Limit 5)

Best Office Depot Deals

Pencil Sharpeners .25 each (Limit 3)
Office Depot Filler Paper .25 each (Limit 3)

Best Staples Deal

Staples Glue .25 (Limit 2)
 Pencil Case .25 (Limit 2)
 RoseArt Crayons .25 (Limit 2) (this is an ok price but last year closer to school they where free so if you but keep your receipt !)

You can recycle your old binders ! 
I did this last your and you get $2 off a new binder that makes the $1.99 ones FREE !!

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