Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ebony's Back to School Savings

**My Life Motto is : Shop Early and Shop Often !**

I am awesome at shopping for others :) ...... 10 Pairs of Shorts ... 20 shirts ... 12 pairs of socks.... 2 pairs of shoes ..... for the boys back to school only $160.10 ... shopping for other people is so much fun ..... most of the stuff came from JCPenny and Kohl's ... back to school shopping all done..... you should shop in June for school stuff because it is wayyyy cheaper when you start early !

**I still have to go pick up 5 pairs of shorts from JCPenny that I got shipped to the store for FREE !

Now only for school supplies 1/2 done with those. 

I wanna know how everyone else saves on back to school ?

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