Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spice Cost Breakdown Sam's Vs. Dollar Tree

I did a Sam's Club Spice Run today to stock-up on spices. I did a cost breakdown compared to the spices at Dollar tree ! Everything was cheaper but the Parsley ! So if you use lots of Spices like I do I would say borrow someones Sam's Card or use your own and buy spices at Sam's its one of the only things besides popcorn that I will buy at Sam's.

Price Per Ounce                 Sams's Club              Dollar Tree

Minced Onion                         $0.34                        $0.50

Garlic Powder                         $0.34                        $0.45

Chili Powder                           $0.26                        $0.40

Oregano                                 $0.73                         $0.81

Parsley                                  $0.69                          $0.50

*** Chives Cost $6.45 for .16oz at Publix …. at Sams 1.2oz cost $3.23

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