Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Thanks to my awesome friend Ebony, I learned of Kroger's Mega Sale going on. I really need to start buying papers again and paying attention to the sales since I keep missing so many awesome deals! Kroger had their rotel on sale for $0.49 when you buy 10. As soon as Ebony posted her stockpile I went to Ebay and ordered my coupons. I was able to get 20 coupons for buy 2 save $0.40.  They also had coupons for buy 2 save $0.50 but they were $5 and I only paid $2 for mine with free shipping. The coupons doubled to $0.80 off 2. My total came to $3.94! I made two separate transactions using 10 coupons for each transaction. The lady at the register was super nice and told me she loves when people bring in coupons! My total savings was 91% per transaction. I saved $18.20 per transaction so $36.40 total!! If they weren't on sale I would be paying $1 a can.

One of my receipts

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