Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Razor Stock Pile

I'm still pretty new to the whole blogging deal, but I've had a few requests for photos of my stock piles. Since I budget shop and only spend roughly $50 a week on groceries, it is hard to stockpile. Luckily for me, companies offer promotions such as the razor promotions. Schick sent me a few free razors. I only have two pictured because I've used a few, gave a few away, and donated some. The Bic razors are from where they had the $3 off coupon last year. They were only $3.25 at Dollar General so I stocked up. Walmart had them for less than $3 but unfortunately the Walmart I went to wouldn't let me use a coupon for them because the coupon was valued at more than the price of the razors. After getting the manager and standing in line for half an hour I left ticked off and have yet to return to that Walmart. Even though I had a copy of their coupon policy, they just didn't want to take the coupons. The Proglide razor was a Walgreens deal. I had a coupon for it and it was on sale plus I got money back towards my next transaction. I ended up paying $0.79 for it. The Noxzema was a free promotion. We haven't paid full price for razors the entire time we've been in Savannah, so for two years now we have been using the stock pile. Needless to say it was probably double this size at one point.

By no means am I a hoarder. If anyone has ever been to my house you would know that. My husband is actually OCD in some ways, so I have to keep my stockpiles where he won't see them. With my small stock piles, I only purchase items I use. If I ever get free items that I don't use I donate them or put them in a box that I have set up for Pin Ups For Soldiers (PUFS). PUFS is a great non-profit that sends carepackages to soldiers overseas through the sale of a classy WWII style Pinup calendar. One of the founders Dena Stahl, her husband was deployed with my husband to Afghanistan when she decided to create PUFS. She allowed me to help out while my husband was deployed and I was Miss. March in the calendar :) It is a great organization and if you ever have extra razors, tooth brushes, or tooth paste please remember them and donate your items. Below is a link to their facebook page and you can message/comment me on here and I can send you their PO box.



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